• Bluesarethebest

    A Reunion

    May 26, 2018 by Bluesarethebest

    If you have Discord, please join. I have a feeling that this is something that could be popular, I want us all to come together again. If you’d not like to, however, I fully understand.

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  • Bluesarethebest

    This is just a quick message from me, although most of you probably don’t even know who I am. I just want to tell you all something:

    Never change, all of you are stellar people, and while Motionless may be gone, she survives in my heart, and so do all of you. I don’t often tear up, but when I returned here, I was touched, all of you guys do love each other, and treat each other like some sort of family. I hope you all still contact each other, because this truly was a grewt community, and I wish I stayed.

    One more thing I have to say, though. For anyone who has been negatively affected by me, I’m sorry.

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  • Showtime von Party

    These are the inhabitants of Prixy's Planet, but first...

    Prixy's Planet is an egg-shaped planet with one patch of rough, rocky terrain that is visible from space (identifiable by brown-orange-red colours). It is the home to a guardian (a lawful being who enforces laws and basically ruler of the area), named Tarak, who named the area "The Mountain Rough".

    More coming soon (probably)!

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  • Showtime von Party


    June 26, 2016 by Showtime von Party


    Are you there?


    I'm lonely....

    Please.....stay here......

    Don't go, friends....

    You're precious.....too precious....

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  • Showtime von Party

    ho yo go bro

    copy-paste or whatevs into reach barrrrrrrr

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  • ChickenAndBeer

    it's a remake guys

    -i don't have a particular favorite rapper but my favorites would definetely have to be Nas, Jay, DMX, Inspectah Deck of the Wu Tang Clan. alot more that i like. only reason that i dont really have a favorite is cause i cant decide who i like bettter, Nas or Jay

    -i self-deprecate alot. i've never been a very confident person and i don't think of myself as being intelligent.

    -i hate the type of people who pretend to like you and be your friend but talk shit about you when you're not around. either say it to my face or don't say shit at all.

    -i am shy and socially awkward

    -i'm an indoors person and almost never go outside. i pretty much spend most of my day inside on the internet listening to music which is kinda the only thing…

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  • Showtime von Party

    Skeletal Fun

    January 15, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    It was a dark night, and an abandoned bonfire was placed in an absolutely empty forest. Prixy, being curious, and planning to camp in the forest, had Motion beside her, carrying a lantern. "Are you sure it's safe, Prixy? I mean, I can barely see..." "Oh, shush, you! It'll be so cool! When we find it, I'll go back and get the others. I can follow our footsteps."

    Prixy and Motion had found the camp, with the fire still roaring. "Okay, I'll put my stuff down, and get the other people. You set up the tents, okay?" She says, waving goodbye to Motion.

    After a while, she returns, with Kreta, Chicken, Kurraka, KrazyStew, Twain and Mephi. "There better be a good reason why you interrupted my book..." Says Twain, tapping his foot.


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  • Showtime von Party

    The Failures 2

    January 4, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    Unknown date

    The man(?) had left the laboratory.

    The small creatures tried to use their legs to stumble around in the darkness. The red creature, who had large legs, was able to keep himself up at all times. The others, however, were struggling to move.

    The smell of blood lurked around the corner.

    The red creature had mistaken this smell for food. He followed the aroma until he came to another creature, who was stitched together with 20 others.

    "I'm... Happy...."

    "Please... Let me... Through....."

    The red creature felt sorry for the large being and moved out of the way. Other patched up, dripping with blood creatures came slowly sliding or walking out of the doors. A large puppy with no ears and crab's claws. A dinosaur that had no head, but was …

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  • Showtime von Party

    The Failures

    January 3, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    January 12th, 1953

    A man in a white suit walks up to three large tanks, each filled with a strange liquid. A small, white, puppy-like creature floats in one, another similar but purple, green and yellow creature floats in another, and a red, lizard creature floats in the last.

    "I can't seem to bring them back..."

    The white creature moves a leg slightly, in a hugging motion.

    "It's not working..."

    The red creature growls softly, then snaps its jaws slowly.

    "I... Feel them fading..."

    The purple creature opens one eye and closes it again.

    "I can't..."

    The white one opens both eyes and makes a small noise. The man(?) spins around and watches on, surprised.

    As the white one makes noise, the other creatures awaken and start doing the same.

    They look at each…

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    ..There seems to be skeptics who are attempting to debunk FNAF, and as a result, me and my friends as well. Here is a takedown of the many claims skeptics have used. (I will edit this post as the claims go on.)

    Claim 1-The Toy animatronics couldn't have been built in 1987!

    This is the most common claim used to debunk FNAF. This claim basically claims that with 1987's technology, the Toy animatronics couldn't have been built.

    This goes off of two "impossible" technologies:AI free-roaming, and facial recognition. However, it is important to recognize that none of this is even technology, it's just Phone Guy misinterpreting the truth.

    Yes, the animatronics DO roam freely, and facial recognition DOES occur amongst the animatronics, however, this …

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Many of the RP's at the other wikia I'm active at (Wikia, why did you change the name of your wikis to wikia?)

    Have started to die out.. A new one shall be open here. I'll tell you this. It WILL be FNAF. As for when it takes place? Well, I have a poll for that.

    Yes, that is the timeline of events as well. I left out Fredbear's Family Diner and the Springlock location, because can you really have a roleplay with only TWO main characters? I don't think so.

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  • Showtime von Party

    My strange tale

    November 15, 2015 by Showtime von Party

    Okay, so me and my mum and gran were going to a place called Sunshine Plaza, and no, not the Japanese one. It's in Australia. Look it up.

    Anyway, I know there was an arcade there so I went there. There was a new game called Hit the Beat. I played some other games and decided on playing hit the beat. I tried some easy parts of the game. But then I saw one of the songs you could play...


    Don't ask me why, but I knew that song so well, I played it and got four stars of rating at the end. AND it was one of the hardest songs in the game!

    There's my stupid story. Run along now...

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  • Mr. Mark Twain

    Here is a tough but intriguing suggestion - 

    We compile the histories of each character and location, and we make one unified timeline for the canon.

    Any flaws? Any objections? Any suggestions?

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    Random Blog

    October 26, 2015 by AwesomeTrinket

    This is just a thing where I can write random stuff when I'm randomly bored.

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  • Freeman23

    Phaeton Collective

    October 22, 2015 by Freeman23

    The Phaeton Collective is a relativily small faction in its home system. Outside of its home system it is massive and sprawling. Unlike other factions who settle on planets, the Phaeton Collective take to controling and colonizing the asteriod fields and nebulas. 

    It tends to keep to itself for the most part rarely, if ever, engaging in warfare with other factions. Despite the appearance of being small and insignifgant, and lacking large sprawling armies, the faction should not be underestimated. 

    The Phaeton Collective is among the most technologically advanced factions, already making use of energy to mass conversion refineries. Using this powerful technology they use it well. Starting with the coloninization of asteriods and and the const…

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  • Lord History

    As you all should know by now, Thomas has variants. This list will assist me in keeping track of them. The list will be updated with time.

    • Thomas the Tank Engine (Original)
    • Thomas the Yank Engine ('Murican)
    • Multinational Thomases (One representin' each country)
    • Mini-Thomas (Self-explanatory)
    • Old-Tyme Thomas (Black-and-white, Splices and Cigarette Burns going across him infinitely, when mouth his opened, ragtime music plays)
    • Biofused Thomas (Similar in appearance to Original TTTE, but has actual organs inside him. If he moves, he is ripped apart from the inside. Mainly used as a test experiment as a clone of the original Thomas by The Academia)
    • Paxadoran Thomas (Like Original Thomas, but with Krazy-like color scheme. Approved by Krazy.)
    • Ghetto Thom…
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  • Freeman23


    October 8, 2015 by Freeman23
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  • Freeman23
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  • Freeman23
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  • Freeman23
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  • Freeman23

    Enter Helix

    October 7, 2015 by Freeman23

    This is a roleplay. Use comments for Response and Roleplay. Anyone can join, and no you don't have to be a dinosaur. Just make the request. 


    Isla del Coco. (In reference to Jurrasic Park Fanfiction, Isla del Coco was purchased by InGen and Dubbed Site D, the Backup Plan for recreating Dinosaurs. Micheal Vortex served as its head of operations and as its cheif scientist until he was removed from his postion by his vice chief, who was after the higher pay that he was earning, the reasons for his removal went as making dinosaurs that were not the real thing. Micheal Vortex in this version was unable to take Helix with him when he was fired, and much of his other creations were left to mourn and develop similar to the dinosaurs on Jurr…

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  • Freeman23
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  • Freeman23

    Okay, So Roleplay

    October 5, 2015 by Freeman23

    Ignore this

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  • Motionless


    October 5, 2015 by Motionless

    "Selene hiromi avigalu." Re-kala polo weleh fan ma a qyu jata. Toshiba nirused, "Sedescala... miska chi feharu yono!" Reta madaed wa em ma uncha clasp.

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  • TheKrazyStew

    List: Hint, Hints

    September 28, 2015 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This is a list of the Hint, Hint threads. Enjoy.

    • Part I
    • Part II
    • Part III
    • Part IV
    • Part V
    • Part VI
    • Part VII
    • Part VIII
    • Part IX
    • Part X
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  • TheKrazyStew

    List: The Ones

    September 24, 2015 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This is a list of stories from the "The One" series.

    1. Newcomers' Series
      1. Story I - Loka's Story
        1. Part I
        2. Part II
        3. Part III
      2. Story II - Robert's Story
        1. Part I
        2. Part II
      3. Story III - Cidolfus's Story
      4. Story IV - Plushzy's Story
      5. Story V - ERR
      6. Story VI - Loko's Story
      7. Story VII - ???'s Story
      8. Story VIII
      9. Story IX
    2. Veterans' Series
      1. Story I - Krazy's Story
      2. Story II - Kevin's Story
      3. Story III - Widy's Story
      4. Story IV - Toy Krazy's Story
      5. Story V - Shadow Krazy's Story
      6. Story VI - Randall's Story
      7. Story VII - Krazzo's Story
      8. Story VIII - K's Story
      9. Story IX - Malachite's Story
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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This is a list of some of my variants in no particular order. More to come later.

    1. Krazy - Original variant, and one of the only splits to occur on Earth. After Shadow Krazy's attack, he stayed in Paxadora.
    2. Shadow Krazy - Shadow variant, being the first ever to exist. He attacked the regular variants, killing one, forcing the variants to part ways.
    3. Mario Krazy - As the name implies, Krazy based off the Mario universe. Looks like Toy Krazy, with Mario's american outfit (seen here). However, he has a "K" on his hat instead of an "M". After Shadow Krazy's attack, he was sent to the Mushroom Kingdom.
    4. Krazy Man - Krazy based off the Mega Man universe. Yellow face, with red helmet and buster and yellow body. Body was bui…

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  • Kurraka

    Somewhat a suicide note

    August 23, 2015 by Kurraka

    Hello, if your reading the chances are I'm probably most likely dead. However unfortunate you may think it is, deep down inside of you, I know you don't really care, I mean suicide happens everyday right? Who cares? I wrote this because at least you know I'm dead, I don't give a fuck about what you do with my characters. Do whatever the fuck you want with them. You may be asking me why I'd do this? Loneliness, bullying, paranoia, etcetera etcetera. Now I want to get this over and done with, sorry for hiding my sadness from all of you. But that's the way I am

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  • DrasticPark

    Random stuff 'bout me

    August 10, 2015 by DrasticPark

    Inspired by Motionless' facts about me blog.

    • My name is the same as the city I live in, as well as the last name of its founder.
    • As you already know, I'm a fan of prehistoric creatures 65 MYA and back, although I like a few animals from the Cenozoic Era.
    • My favorite animals are carnivorous dinosaurs, my all time favorite being the Tyrannosaurus.
    • Most of my OCs are dinosaurs. My human OCs are usually overpowered.
    • I actually don't have a One True Pairing. This is because I don't know many ships.
    • My favorite film is actually not a dinosaur film, rather the 1954 Godzilla. The effects are cheesy, yet still look cool, and the characters are actually rather interesting/mysterious.
    • I practically sit around inside my house. I don't usually willingly go ou…
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  • Motionless

    Creator Facts

    July 24, 2015 by Motionless

    What is a Creator?

    A Creator is a character who is seemingly a "God" in this universe, one who creates the characters we all know and love. But what things about Creators aren't known?

    - Creators have the ability to merge with other Creators into one being. This being is a mix of the two Creators, and shares each Creator's special abilities as well as have new abilities. They can merge with a limit of ten Creators, and if that limit is breached, death is likely for three or four in the merge. 

    - Though it's rare, corrupt Creators do exist. They set their eyes on creating evil characters only and try to murder other Creators. These Creators are likely to have purely white hair, or white pupils with a crimson surrounding, but rarely both.

    - High…

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  • Prixyfox the Best

    1. Drastic:

    • Dinosaurs!
    • You are one of the funniest people I have ever seen!
    • Pineapple lord.

    2. Animatrex:

    • Huggles!!
    • Senpai!!!
    • Just amazing!
    • Funny!
    • Huggable.

    3. Twain:

    • quite a serious, but laid-back person.
    • Thomas the Tank Engine.
    • Rps as famous people!

    4. Krazy:

    • Created Krazy, who is one of Fluffy's best friends!
    • Love Minecraft!
    • FUNNY!!

    5. ChickenandBeer:

    • fond of gifs and memes!
    • Makes great jokes.
    • (how many time have I said this?) Funny!

    Ok, there we go. If I missed you, just send me a message.

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  • Kurraka

    I'm going to a festival with no internet connection, I'll be there for a week and I leave tomorrow, till then goodbye :3

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  • Fluffy the Dragon Animatronic


    Me: *giggles* 

    Nyx: Got your nose!

    Me: *giggles more* 

    Drastic: *Velociraptor shriek, Bang bang bang bang, bang bang bang*



    LMK: *backs away*

    Krazy: *looks at tie* please don't hurt me...-Tie:MUHAHAHAHAHA-

    • static*

    Nyx: Hello, depressed dragon!

    Fluffy: Hello

    Nyx: *surprise*

    • static*

    Drastic: Hey, hey LMK, smell my flower

    LMK: *sniff* mmmm.

    TyrannosaurusDude: *T-rex bursts out of chest*

    LMK: HA!

    TyrannosaurusDude: *T-rex finishes roaring and goes back into stomach*

    • static*

    Fluffy: *has button on stomach, reads "Pointlessy depressed, warning: pointless"*

    Softy: *presses* Hmm.

    • static*

    Softy: Help me I'm being destroyed by Anime!

    Fluffy: I'll save you! Depressment powers activate! *…

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  • Mr. Mark Twain

    I'm quitting.

    June 27, 2015 by Mr. Mark Twain

    My apologies, I merely wished to toy with you. However, this is important. Do you, or do you not, wish for me to rid the character of Mark Twain?

    Vote in the comments.

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This is for the convinience of anyone following the Paxadora Shorts series. This is a list of all the episodes, and will be updated when a new one is released.

    1. A Krazy Argument
    2. The New Pet
    3. Fetch
    4. Dentist
    5. A Crazy Morning
    6. Meet Your Maker
    7. The Nightmare
    8. Snickers Commercial Parody
    9. A Krazy Boat Ride
    10. Too Much Charge
    11. The Pop-Up
    12. The Split
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  • DrasticPark

    Language: Saurian

    May 30, 2015 by DrasticPark

    Yay a second language.

    Velociraptor noises: Simple words, like I, he, she, we, etc.

    Brachiosaurus noises: All the other words and phrases, except for swear words.

    Triceratops noises: Used when your either tired (sleepy-tired) or tired of something.

    Parasaurolophus/Apatosaurus/Pachyrhinosaurus noises: When your extremely scared/shocked of something.

    Pteranodon noises: Usually used when you mutter or whisper.

    Indominus Rex noises: In times of stress or pain.

    Spinosaurus noises: When your mentally insane and need an enclosure.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex noises: All phrases and words, but in a more angry tone. This is also used for swearing.

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  • ChickenAndBeer


    May 29, 2015 by ChickenAndBeer


    -I listen to a lot of hip-hop. And by a lot, well, I mean, alot. I listen to Dr.Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Xzibit, early 90s Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and a bit of Method Man, Nas, and Ice Cube. There's a lot more that I probably forgot.

    -My favourite film is Spider-Man 2.

    -My favourite video game console is the Nintendo GameCube. Love that thing. It brings back so many memories. I still actually own it today.

    -I absolutely hate the pop genre. Seriously. Pretty much almost all pop artists in my opinion, are just carbon copies of each other. The only one I  actually enjoy is Dido. She's talented.

    -I'm Canadian. Bet you didn't see that coming, eh?

    -I first started roleplaying on ROBLOX. Yes, ROBLOX. I used to actually play that. I'm not tell…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    I am, in fact, developing the Paxadoran language in real life. As a little taste of what I have developed, here is a list of some of the name suffixes I have made so far.

    If you don't know what they are, these are, in function, similar to the Japanese name suffixes such as -san and -chan.

    But first, let's get some terms defined for clarification.

    Organism - The original Paxadoran, from which all Variants originate.

    Variant - What a Paxadoran splits into.

    And now, the table itself with English translations of Paxadoran suffixes. More to be added.

    Suffix Meaning
    -Stew Leader, Ruler. Can also be used by Variants to describe their Paxadoran organism.
    -Ko Variant. Usually used to describe one's own, but can be use…

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  • Motionless

    Settle down kiddies, I'm about to tell you the story of how I became a roleplayer.

    It all started years ago in the mystical land of Roblox, an online game. That is where I started. Firstly, I was just playing around in the Warrior Cats and Fantasy roleplays on it. And then Darkened Dawn and After the Flash entered the mix, both being very professional. It was then that I realized 'hey, I'm not too shabby'. But trust me, I WAS. My OCs were terrible! What was I supposed to do!? Well, one day, I started roleplaying on (hate me if you want) Instagram. My friend told me all about it, and so, I dove into it. I only posted ONE time in an Instagram Warrior Cats roleplay, only to forget to tag someone. And then, I never ventured to Instagram ever ag…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    School's out in a few weeks, and I can't be more excited! However, I must point out a few dates I will be AFK or Inactive.

    Schedule of Off-Ness.
    Date Reason Status
    5/26 - UNKNOWN No Computer AFK
    6/8 My Birthday Inactive
    6/10 Six Flags AFK
    6/15 - 6/19 Mission Trip AFK
    6/22 - 6/26 Vacation Bible School AFK until 12:00
    6/27 - 7/8 Disney World Vacation AFK Read more >
  • Kurraka

    Absol (With absolite) fast physical sweeper - Animetrex

    Tornadus second fast physical sweeper - RaptorDude115

    Aggron bulky physical sweeper - Drago, Lord Of Iron

    Clawitzer bulky specs - BluesAreTheBest

    beedril fast physical sweeper - TheKrazyStew

    Haxorus fast physical sweeper - DrasticPark

    (This is legit my pokemon team XD sorry the people who were left out)

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  • DrasticPark

    A bit of info

    May 10, 2015 by DrasticPark

    Hello. This is [REDACTED] speaking. I'm here to spill some information about [REDACTED].

    He's been around longer than you expected. He's been around longer than the '87 pizzeria.

    But his age will not be found out.

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  • DrasticPark

    Let's get right to it.

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  • Sophia Orr

    My Real name is infact Sophia Orr.

    I love Doctor who and many a games mainly Fallout and most RPGS.

    I'm a mute have been the day I was born therefor have not talked to a single person for 18 years unless if you count text.

    I like a large list of anime so large that it would most likely crash my computer if I was to type it!

    I try to be cute all dah time.

    I'm a very short person despite age around 4'6 maybe a bit taller now.

    I have never had a single job or part time job

    I'm no longer in school for many reasons.

    I can be on anything 24 hours if I so wished to.

    I'm a very easy to upset person at times.

    I'm Canadian. Eh Sorry! Eh what? Eh I said Sorry!

    I'm not a lumber jack! :P

    I plan to own my own compony called Void Inc that does nothing but make nothi…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey, guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This blog post is a FNaF Theory. If you aren't interested, you don't have to read it.

    I've been getting nothing but positive feedback on this theory thus far, so I thought I would put it here. Let me know what you think in the comments!

    So, by now, I'm sure you're familiar with the Purple Man. If you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months and don't know who he is, he's the man that's supposedly the killer of children in the FNaF series. However, if you look closely, you can see that all the Purple Man sprites are different. People have speculated that this means that there are multiple killers, but I have another theory.

    At the end of Night 6 in FNaF2, the Toy Animatronics are scrapped in favor of the…

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  • Mr. Mark Twain

    About Me.

    May 1, 2015 by Mr. Mark Twain

    Originally, ladies and gentlemen, I did not intend upon doing this.. however, The Lesser Powers That Be informed me that I must, and I dislike turning down requests. So, prepare for a barrage of facts and rather useless information.

    I collect Schleich Smurfs.

    I enjoy reading. (If this was not obvious to you, you may require mental assistance.)


    I was inspired by a game of Chess to formulate The Academia.


    I have pictures of Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Thomas the Tank Engine, Norman Rockwell, and Lawrence Welk hanging in my room.

    I once dressed as Charles Dickens for All Hallow…

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    Over the next two weeks, my school schedule will be wonky. Here's the schedule on my on-ness. (Credit to the title goes to Mephi) All times are in Central Standard Time (US).

    9:19 - 11:09

    11:45 - 12:15 (Maybe)

    1:41 - 2:13

    9:19 - 9:54

    10:41 - 1:33

    7:23 - 2:13

    9:00 - 10:31

    12:07 - 12:38

    9:19 - 11:09

    11:45 - 12:15 (Maybe)

    1:41 - 2:13

    7:23 - 9:13

    11:15 - 1:35

    9:19 - 9:54

    10:41 - 12:11

    12:58 - 1:33

    9:00 - 10:31

    12:44 - 1:14

    7:23 - 12:37

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  • TheKrazyStew

    Blog: My Situation

    April 27, 2015 by TheKrazyStew

    Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

    This post is just to let you all know that things are starting to get better. At an extremely fast rate. Who knows? I might even come back sooner than expected. So, I want to apologize if I had lead you to believe that I was leaving Wikia, or if I was leaving anything permantely.

    Just a reminder though. I won't be using Krazy, Kevin, or Widy for a bit, so don't expect to see them. I need to make way for my new OC.

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  • Raptordude115


    April 27, 2015 by Raptordude115 Play it as you read...

    Zack laid on Gigalith's hand. He looks up at the starry night sky, simply staring at a single, shining star. He extended his arm out, almost as if he was trying to touch it. A single tear of oil ran down his animatronic face, as he saw the star resemble someone he knew. Someone he had sworn to protect with his life. Someone he had been with back when the city was still around, along with him, Felix, Luka, and Jeremy. Someone he had loved...someone he had lost...someone he had failed to save. Her death was out of his control, unable to prevent the outcome of her demise. Her death which had almost drove him to commit suicide, her…

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  • Bluesarethebest
    • Story 1: Science Project:
    • Story 2: Gordon goes Foreign: Post was deleted
    • Story 3: Job:
    • Story 4: Monopoly: Coming soon
    • Story 5: Burger King: Coming soon
    • Story 6: Alternate Personalities: Coming soon
    • Story 7: Skateboarding: Coming soon
    • Story 8: Spaghetti: Coming soon
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