Chris is the direct son of the Purple Man. He resents his father for his crimes, and has spent most of his life hunting his father down. He wields one of only two Unobtanium Swords. Unobtanium Swords are unbreakable if correctly forged; however, the Purple Man's Unobtanium Sword was not correctly forged, and broke. Therefore, Chris has the only remaining Unobtanium Sword. He also has a TARDISpack, a mysterious backpack that seems to be infinite. The only other TARDISpack in existence is possessed by Krazy, given to him by the Purple Man before he became a killer. He is 16 years old, and isn't extremely smart, but is a master of the sword capable of maneuvers beyond master level. He is fairly good with firearms as well. He is usually calm, but can get extremely angry.


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