A foolish man would call Chris insane. The thing is, he's not foolish for being wrong; in fact, he's absolutely right. He's foolish because he called Chris insane while Chris was arming a bomb right in front of him.

Chris is the direct son of the Purple Man. He resents his father for his crimes, and has spent most of his life hunting his father down. He wields one of only two Unobtanium Swords. Unobtanium Swords are unbreakable if correctly forged; however, the Purple Man's Unobtanium Sword was not correctly forged, and broke. Therefore, Chris has the only remaining Unobtanium Sword. He also has a TARDISpack, a mysterious backpack that seems to be infinite. The only other TARDISpack in existence is possessed by Krazy, given to him by the Purple Man before he became a killer. He is around the age of young adulthood, yet looks young, and though he is definitely lacking in the brain department, he has an incredible amount of common sense that would baffle most. He is incredibly skilled with his blade. He's terrible with most things military-grade, but has shown abnormal skill with explosives and is very capable with a taser. (Trust me on that one.) He is usually calm, but can get extremely angry.