About Her

16 years old, a contaminated teenager with her sister Candy and a long backstory. Has suicidal thoughts strike her at random.

Has long, white hair, with a grey eye. The other eye is completely covered in red dots. Her bottom jaw is missing, four claws growing from the back of her throat. While her main body is normal, her limbs aren't. Her limbs are like insect legs.


Can be suicidal, but does care for her sister, Candy, even though she thinks that nobody loves her anymore.

Songs that describe her

Bacterial Contamination


Uncle: Trick (Possibly deceased)

Mother: Treat (Possibly deceased)

Sister: Candy

Father: Mika (Deceased)


  • Corn's contaminated form bears a terrifyingly striking resemblence to Calne, but she was created about half a year before Calne.

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