Oh, hi there, welcome!

Hello and welcome to the FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S Roleplay Wiki! This wiki is all about having fun and playing games, making friends and other things, even if it doesn't look like it. Stay a while and enjoy!

If you want, set up your own article that features your FNaF or other franchise OC. It is recommended to have at least one OC before joining this community. (It's acceptable to have more than one OC before joining.) If you ask an admin for help or permission, feel free to add your page! This community requires members currently and will gladly accept anybody's help. There are some rules to follow, though.

1. Don't steal other OCs or artwork from other users. Ask first!

2. Don't make religious references. Please don't offend anyone. If it is minor, keep going, you're fine, but if it's major, you have to stop.

3. Don't vandalise pages. This is a major problem in some wikis.

4. Don't be so serious! Let your hair down for a while for a silly roleplay.

5. You have to acknowledge a power-user to join this wiki. If you are declined (rare), sorry, but you can't stay. (Very sorry, I'm (Showtime von Party) not even an admin!)


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