Non-Withered animatronic

He is a blueish black fox-like spring-suit made to look like Foxy the Pirate Fox but with a dagger instead of a hook, and a pirate hat instead of an eyepatch.

Withered animatronic

His hat is torn up, and there is blood leaking from the holes inside him to reveal the body of a Fredbear's Family Diner worker. His left leg is fully uncovered from material and reveals the worker's leg with the springlocks penetrating it. His bottom jaw is also missing.


One day, during the nightshift, at around 10 minutes before the diner opened, the nightguard was walking towards the stage when Rredbear lashed out at him and chased him to the saferoom. In the saferoom the guard found the Withered Felix suit which was scrapped only 2 days before it was supposed to be put on stage. Frantically he unscrewed the endoskeleton and got into the suit. He tried to attack Fredbear (who was wet from the leaking roof) and successfully landed a hit with an uncovered arm, which caused the suit to fail on itself and kill the guard. Over the years the soul of the Bite of 87' victim was kind enough to bring him back to life inside the suit.


  • He was locked in the saferoom until he got moved to the second pizzeria's saferoom.
  • The guard's name was John Macdonald.
  • FUN's original name was Felix the Pirate Fox.

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