Fluffy the Dragon is a character from the FNAF F.R.I.E.N.D.S roleplay. Fluffy is a light blue animatronic dragon and has yellow wings, horns and spikes. He also has green eyes. Fluffy, despite being strong, is surprisingly cowardly and unwilling to fight in most situations.


He is a rather happy dragon, cheerful and always attempting to be funny. He is cheery, and prefers to cheer from the side rather then enter a fight. He is also more of a stay-at-home and lazy animatronic, tending to act uninterested if faced with a difficult puzzle or a hard choice. Fluffy also is quite unusual and deranged, usually coming up with weird ideas. He is known for being clumsy and bumping into things regularly. He is also very annoying, attention-seeking and stupid. He is like his creator, after all.


  • Fluffy was originally purple and orange, matching Spyro's colour pallette. This idea was scrapped, however.
  • Fluffy wasn't meant to have wings and a tail originally, to make him more of a realistic character.
  • His genderbend counterpart DOESN'T EXIST.
  • He's a half Mary Sue, but the owner is constantly tinkering with him to make him less overpowered. As of now, his abilities consist only of the ability to fly and the ability breathe fire, as well as added strength and abnormal durability.