Giganotosaurus Carolini is an antagonist in FNAF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. He was the first pure dinosaur created by Bailee, and the only dinosaur that was not born a robot. His height is currently unknown, but due the part where he was attacking the bunker he seems to be 100 feet tall.


He was part of the dinosaur experiments done by Bailee and was the only pure dinosaur (the others being Hybrids). He first appeared in Season 6. In his first appearance he attacked Rex, Dan. D, and Bailee in a shed. He also murdered 2 Hybrids and ran off into the forest.

Height debate

His height is a mystery, as he was big enough to bite Crystal on the head. Also, when he attacked the bunker, he broke it - a normal Giganotosaurus would not be able to do this. It is possible that he is 100 metres, if not 100 feet tall.


  • He may be based off of The Tyrannosaurus from Doctor who
  • In the world painted grey his skin changed to white with black stripes and spots, it is unknown how this happened, but it is possible that his skin changed to resemble a skeleton.

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