Ian is neutral, but has switched sides multiple times.


Name: Ian "Blaze" Spex (Spoiler: His name stands for Invulnerable Automaton of Night/ Isaac, Aiden, Nicholas.

Gender: Male

Species: War Animatronic (His other alter forms are Archangel, Hell Knight, Wolf Keeper and ???.)

Season/Episode Introduced: Season 4, Episode 22

Status: ???

Gender-bend Counterpart: Izza


Mother: ???

Father: Cain

Uncle: Satan

Girlfriend: Arachna

Daughter: Ashley

Brothers: Lupus, ???

Sisters: Sora, ???


Ian was originally a perky, funny guy. After a while, he became more demented, getting angry and sometimes even going slightly insane. He also became a bit sad, confused or just blank. When he gets demented enough, he can go into his hellish form, and when vice-versa happens, he becomes a holy spirit. He has a split personality, where he loses his mind and becomes chaotic and evil. This can happen slowly, or immediately. He also sometimes randomly will seem to become loyal to a evil female figure, which was because of a curse.


He has bright blue eyes, with a blackish-brown forehead. His eyes have a tan outline of fake fur around his eyes. He has a long snout, with a dark black snout. He has fake wolf-like fur, with a tan-ish belly, and a darker upper body coat. He ears were perky, and quite dark for a wolfs. His legs and arms were tan-ish, with sharp claws.


Ian was first made by a Operational Facility, called Spex, which tried to take over with War-like animatronics. He had gotten shipped to Earth as a spy and went to the first restaurant of FNAF (Hence FNAF RP). He then started to love Earth and gained feelings. There was a time when he was shut off by Spex. He woke up to a post-apocalyptic world (FNAF Friends.). He finally had to use his powers again, and started to become intensely dark, and after a while became evil. He become his Hellish form for a bit, then realizing his purpose, gaining an angelic form. He met his family (Who most of which were faked). He proceeded to go along with his bumpy road, losing friends. After a while, he met Arachna again, and fell for her because of an old curse. After finally gaining her as a girlfriend, he "died." She killed herself for him, but they went to different afterlives. He had to delete her from life after realizing his corrupt ways, then lost his angelic and other forms after a while. He then got killed in a fire that another Spex machine had made.

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