Jack is a character in FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Origins.Puppet

Vital information

Species: Jack-in-the-box animatronic/Human

Age: 23/28

Status: Dead/Alive

Episode Introduced (Origins): Season 1 Episode 1

Episode left (Origins): Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Introduced: Season 5 Episode 11


Jack was an Jack-in-the-box animatronic, first appearing in Fredbear Family Diner as an Beta version of the Puppet, later returning in 1987 as the Puppet's brother, Jack died in the conveytor belt in Episode 4 of Origins, when the Puppet betrayed him so that he could escape, the Puppet's location is uknown. As the years passes, Jack reborned to take revenge upon Puppet, but he noticed he had to be an adult till he could destroy it. When Jack got 28 years old, the earth broke and he had to go to Jasinus, he later returned to Earth, when he met Zack and Tess, cause of a note from Satoshi that appeared on his door.

He randomly turns agressive, cause of the old Jack's soul inside him.

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