Joel Jones is a character soon to appear shortly in the series LOL NO HE GOT BLOWN UP BY LANDMINES


Not much is known about Joel's personal life, aside from the fact he was formerly wed and had one child before divorcing one year later. He is well known for his work as a local cameraman, shooting a Bingo Finals, which he almost won a award for. Later on, in 1997, he would later be sent to work with Gale Weathers on the Winsdor College murders, and slowly became reluctant as the body count began to increase, and shortly after he read her book, discovering what happened to her last cameraman. The last straw for him was when {REDACTED FOR SPOILERS} was murdered in his van, which led him to tell Gale that she was crazy, and left Winsdor in a taxi shortly after, only returning after the killings had ceased. Then he got blown up by landmines


Marco Beltrami-Welcome To Woodsboro

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