Lilac Petal

Lilac Petal is an Arctic Wolf, Who wears a spike collar, A spike wristband, An old blanket, A tail armor and gazelle Horns,

She's a brown arctic wolf with white fur, And blue eyes, Who loves to eat berries and loves to meet friends,


Lilac Petal wasn't introduced in the official FNAF FRIENDS RP, Except for side roleplays, She first was seen lost in the woods, When a wolf attacked Lilac Petal, Making her attack too, AFTER A VERY VIOLENT SCENE, A younger wolf saw Lilac feasting on the younger's wolf's older brother, The wolf howled, Lilac growled and told if to choose between, Lilac leaving her there, or Lilac killing the younger wolf, The wolf stopped howling and buried his older brother, Lilac felt bad and offered the younger wolf berries, But the wolf declined, The wolf left. Leaving Lilac going to another direction,



Currently, She has no friends nor families


Lilac Petal(GS) acts like kind and cute arctic wolf who thinks everything's a game, She dislikes the idea of growing up and acting like an adult. She is a very childish arctic wolf, She hates it when she gets told,

Lilac Petal (BS) acts like a fearless murderer with red eyes and gazelle horns, She usually bites her prey and stabs the prey, When she gets bruises, Scratches, etc, She just... giggles and laughs with a childish voice, As if she thinks it's a game.

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