Mangle is a female-looking, male character on FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Mangle looks feminine, but he is male according to the story. Mangle's suit head is white with exaggerated makeup, such as bright red lipstick, bright red cheeks, pink painted toenails and eyeliner. He has eyelashes and one yellow eye, while the other eye is missing. His endoskeleton head, however, does not look feminine in any way. Like the suit head, the Endoskeleton head has only one yellow eye. The Endoskeleton head is exactly like his name describes him: an Endoskeleton's head without any suit attached to him. In this state he looks quite ugly, with only a steel face and teeth and without many redeeming features.



Mangle's suit is a very nice character, and really hates his Endoskeleton. He is known to sellotape the Endoskeleton head's mouth to keep him quiet as the Endoskeleton has a rude, loud mouth. Mangle acts like a friend to lots of people and animatronics but not to known criminals ect. because of his facial recognition scanners. Whereas Foxy may not know someone, Mangle could recognise them out of criminal databases.


Mangle's Endoskeleton is the exact opposite of his suit. He often yells at people for unexplained reasons and listens on in private conversations. He hates the suit head, but they often have to cooperate to get things done. The Endoskeleton head is rude, bossy and loud-mouthed. As explained above, Mangle often has to sellotape his mouth shut so he doesn't interrupt any conversations.

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