Oriki is a strong and silent antagonist.


Name: Oriki N. Shi

Gender: Male

Song that describes him: Numb - Linkin Park

Species: Human(Ish)

First introduced:  (PTWG Arc) Season 1 episode 14

Age: 19

Magic Type: None



Though he doesn't show it around people he loves his brother more than anyone in the world.


Chilled, grumpy, manipulative, quiet, sarcastic, corrupt. He will always keep his cool no matter what situation he's dealt with. He isn't aroused by either male or females, but will pretend he does to manipulate then. He's reluctant of being friends with anyone except Karit. He has a soft spot for small creatures, and people.


Not Known


  • Oriki's middle name is Nathaniel, this is a reference to Cityws's brother
  • Oriki was originally gonna be a single character but ended up being put with Karit to play off of each other's personalities

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