Raleigh is a protagonist Velociraptor animatronic who first appeared in Season 5. He is relatively friendly unless he is ticked off.


Raleigh was given new life at the beginning of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 pizzeria, however, due to extreme aggression, was scrapped and stowed away. However, after many years, Raleigh was awoken by a racket in the pizzeria. After a bit of time, though, Raleigh got to know many people and has befriended many others.


Raleigh is usually kind and calm, even when he gets to know new people. He sometimes attacks people he doesn't appreciate. However, he will sometimes confront people and talk to them. For instance, at the end of Season 5, he confronted Arachna, the leader of the Venom Society and asked her numerous questions. He was even told that he should possibly join the society, but of course, he denied.


Raleigh knows how to handle guns, and is extremely professional with them.

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