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Rose is actually not one character, but a grouping. Each universe has its own Rose, and each is different.


This varies from Rose to Rose, depending on each's tastes. However, the basic formula is rather repetitive. Each Rose has a dark grey peacoat with an extended back. Each also has a long, white scarf. They have amber eyes and light blonde hair, usually tied back in a braid.


The original Rose, from late FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S, dresses in a darker fashion, wearing black pants and jewel-toned tops, especially red ones. She wears worn brown boots.

The Rose in The Road to Paxadora wears the coat almost constantly, but had it open. She likes flowing shirts and leggings, and almost constantly has her hair in a long braid.

In A Rose By Any Other Name, Rose prefers lighter colors, yellow especially. She likes to wear dresses, and usually has her hair in a messy bun.

Thorn, a mercenary-like version of Rose, dresses in a utilitarian fashion, with grey tones especially common. Her hair is cut somewhat short, ranging from her shoulders to approximately an inch below her ears.

~This is by no means a complete list, and will be worked on as new versions of Rose are revealed. Also when I remember other ones- help is always appreciated.~


As with appearance, this varies, as each Rose- though at base the same- has had different life experiences.

The original Rose was very severe and used to being by herself. However, she did eventually warm up to having friends.

Paxa-Rose is very curious. She's expressive, and shows it through her art. She likes to smile, and is really goofy. At times, she gets over-excited. This Rose is particularly fond of the outdoors, and enjoys hiking.

In A Rose By Any Other Name, she is very happy-go-lucky, and extremely friendly. This Rose tends to put others' happiness before hers, and would do anything for those she considers her friends. She is very perceptive of others' emotions, and knows how to listen well. Despite her happy disposition, this Rose is an introvert and quite enjoys relaxing with a book and her cat.

Thorn is, as could be expected by her name, extremely aggressive. She considers herself a loner, and has a soldier-like demeanor. Thorn is usually quite aloof, and has no qualms using force. She somewhat enjoys violence, odd among the Roses, but is dedicated to her job- both of them.

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