About Her

Not much is known about SEIKO. All that is known for now is that she is a well ghost and has been dead for two years, stuck in a well for the same amount of time, too.


Has grey skin, and dark brown Asian eyes. She wears a pair of golden-framed glasses, and has long, brown hair. A lot of places has the skin rotting, one of them under her left eye, which is hidden by her glasses.


Can be very convincing, despite her grey skin and rotting flesh. As long as she puts on an innocent face and acts clueless about the true her almost everyone will fall for it.

Her true self is full of hatred, both for her murderer who shoved her into the well and drowned her and everyone around her, thus why she joined Skynet .

Songs that describe her

Greetings from the Bottom of the Well


None is known.


  • She bears a striking resemblence to her creator, Sara.
  • All the words that she muttered to cast her spells were just the romanji for Japanese sentences.
  • Her spells always ended with "Hora!" which translates to "Hey!" in Japanese.


'Tis a secret for now, my darlings.


16, just two years older than her creator.

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