Sharkosuchus is a crocodilian kaiju that wiped out most of King's characters.

By the way, this page is almost a complete joke.


As aforementioned, the Sharkosuchus is a crocodilian kaiju. The image shows that its rear legs have increased in mass, allowing it a bipedal stance, although it can crouch down and crawl if it wishes. The upper half of its body is covered in a greenish grey color, while the underbelly is coated with a pale white color.

Its snout resembles that of a crocodile, but its snout is stubbier than that of a normal crocodilian's, due to the length of the Great White's snout. On its small neck resides a set of gills, five on each side of its neck. Its arms have three fingers, and one thumb, allowing it to grab and throw items.

Its back is plated with hundreds of thick scutes, which can absorb damage with ease. Residing among the back scutes is a large dorsal fin, coming from the Great White's genes. On the side of its body resides two pectoral fins, again, like a shark's.

Continuing down the body comes the tail, which is long and still plated with scutes. At the tip, though, the tail becomes a fin, somewhat like Titanosaurus' tail fin. Like Titanosaurus, it can close the fin, but unlike him, the Sharkosuchus can't make windstorms with it.



In 794 BC, a Saltwater Crocodile and a Great White met up on accident, and began to clash. Minutes later, though, they arrived at an odd volcano, which soon erupted, releasing chemicals into the sky and ocean. The force of the blast, which destroyed the volcano, knocked the two predators out. The chemicals, which were radioactive, were absorbed by the two creatures, who then merged into one new entity - the Sharkosuchus. After awakening, the new infant creature swam to the active Mauna Loa to hibernate for thousands of years.

Sometime in 2017

In 2017, the Sharkosuchus was transferred through a portal to where King's characters were living in peace. The kaiju took no time killing off King's characters, each within seconds. Eventually, the onslaught had ended, and the only survivor was Dialoe, the Dimetrodon animatronic, who went on to do things. After murdering most of King's characters, the Sharkosuchus went on to seize control of that version of Earth.


The Sharkosuchus almost immediately killed all of King's characters, sans Dialoe. This act proved that she's probably a savage beast.


  • Sharkosuchus is King's first kaiju. For more information about Sharko, read here.
  • The Sharkosuchus is a metaphor for the permanent discontinuation of most of King's kaiju, spare Dialoe.

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