Snappy is a minor antagonist in the FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series, first showing up in Season 5.


Part 1: Non-Canon

Being the second escapist from Universal Studios, Snappy made his way over to the same pizzeria as Rexy. When he arrived, however, his torment was short lived as Rexy battled him until she won and ate everything of him besides his endoskeleton. However, when Rexy turned into a real dinosaur, Snappy was resurrected and teamed up with Rexy. However, they were tranquilized and carried off to Isla Nublar. They escaped on an unknown date, however and found a portal to another dimension. They were never seen again, as the portal sealed shut on both of them.

Part 2: Canon

Snappy was born on 1985, on an island named Isla Sorna, which was 207 miles west of Costa Rica, five full years before Rexy's birth. The only other thing known was that he had an either major or minor role in a chain of attacks in multiple cities in the US.


Part 1: Hatchling and Juvenile years

In his hatchling and juvenile years, the Spinosaurus is simply a curious newborn. He attempts to record anything and adapt to his new world. Unfortunately, as he grows larger, he loses most of the docile part of his personality.

Part 2: Sub-Adult and Adult years

As a sub-adult and adult, Snappy is extremely aggressive, eventually growing docile to Rexy (and naturally, his offspring). He will battle anything standing in his path, including things bigger than him. He has no fear for anything or anyone, even Arachna, Giganotosaurus Carolini, and more.

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