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Sophia Orr is a Female human Born on july 17th. Whom was born without the abilty to speak which still stays to this day. Most people think she is a child due to her small height and how she acts at times but are always corrected alot when she gets upset at them or she acts more mature.

In her life she wishs to be able to speak...even if for a few moments if Given this chance she would sing two songs to the people she cares about.

Real life

Bad Apple

Sophia mostly is an open book. Or that's what it seems like as there is a darker past she has behind all her smlies and happy emtions. That she hides from almost anyone even those closest to her.


Sophia doesn't really tend to speak about her Relations with people to others. She pefers to keep them a private matter due to past events.


Sophia is a very happy girl she almost never is rude to people unless if they really piss her off, she tends to get clingly to some people she really cares for willing to put her life in danger to help or save them. But there is a other side to her whens he is upset. She reverts back to how she was before she managed to keep herself happy almost unmoving and not looking people in the eye just staring at the sky or a wall wishing for death to hurry up and take her.


Sophia's past is not really that much filled. As she never mentions it not even to those closest to her all they know is that she dislikes it.



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