Were you looking for Krazy or Krazzo?
My name's Toy Krazy... but you can just call me "Krazy".

Toy Krazy is a reformed antagonist in the Animatronic Factory, FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and Painting the World Grey series. He is a redesigned Krazy, built for the 1992 iteration of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Toy Krazy, as his name implies, is the redesigned version of Krazy. He has the same color and about the same size as Krazy, but looks much more like a human than an 8-bit character, symbolizing the quick progression of technology.


Toy Krazy is just like Krazy, hating the concept of death and is generally kind-hearted... At least, until a virus took hold of him. Now, he is infected and cannot help but try and kill.


Toy Krazy was built for the 1992 iteration of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Like the other animatronics, he tried to stuff the endoskeleton into a suit at night. However, a long time after Freddy's closed, a man later revealed to be K found Toy Krazy deactivated, and injected a virus into him via a USB. Toy Krazy has since antagonized the group as a whole, excluding K, until he is freed by Krazy.

In the Saga

Toy Krazy appeared in the first part of the saga, Animatronic Factory, after Toy Blake disappeared. He was a remake of Krazy, infected by a virus. He became the main antagonist, since BAY-Cherra had died and the other organizations have been stopped for the time being. He had reconstructed BAY and put her in a USB. Krazy found it, however, and gave it to Krazzo to protect.

Toy Krazy's debut occurred in FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S, late in Season 5. He originally joins the Venom Society, and works with them until he gets shot. Krazy repairs him, convincing him to leave the Venom Society. However, still infected with a virus, Toy Krazy continues to hunt Krazy.

It is not until Painting the World Grey when Toy Krazy is finally relieved of his virus. Afterwards, he apologized and swore loyalty to Krazy and his friends. It is revealed that the man who had infected Toy Krazy (along with Krazy, during the events of Animatronic Factory) was K. Toy Krazy, once his minion, is now his enemy.


  • Toy Krazy is the second OC animatronic to be considered a "toy" in the Saga, the first being Toy Blake.
    • Toy Krazy is also the only toy OC animatronic to appear outside the Animatronic Factory series.
  • Toy Krazy was originally intended to be a partner for Krazy. However, this was held off until the late episodes of Painting the World Grey.
  • Toy Krazy is seen with a Power Glove. Unlike Krazy, it is unknown how it was recieved.


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