• My name used to be Vicky. We changed it when I was 7.
  • One of my minor OCs, Valentine, is actually a human version of my teddy bear.
  • Ini Miney is based off the Phoenix Wright character with the same name.
  • Most of the ideas I get for RPing comes from my dreams.
  • Corn is actually my favorite character. Even though Candy resembles me the best out of my seven characters, (Which isn't saying much, none of them really resemble) I found Corn to have more quirks and abilities than Candy. Sure, Candy has a baby, she's the older twin, yadda yadda yadda, but Corn is contaminated, she has feelings, she gets depressed, she has two other forms (Thea, her evil side, and Tena, her good side) she can float 'n stuff.
  • My "punny" names for my characters (Trick and Treat, Candy and Corn) actually come from the Phoenix Wright games. They have punny names for characters (April May, Redd White, Winston Payne - a play-on of words for "winced in pain") and I get the ideas for my names when I binge play PW.
  • I own plushies. Lots of them. And I mean lots.

Part 2 here.

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