• I want to learn Japanese.
  • I have an arcade machine of my own, only Dad replaced the thing that usually plays the game with a monitor with the ROMs of other arcade games, so I have around 4,000 ROMs, 200 of them don't work.
  • I've never played Pokemon before but I hope to get some Pokemon games for my birthday.
  • My birthday is September the 13th.
  • I can barely remember why I wanted to learn Japanese, but from what I remember, I had watched some Let's Plays of a Japanese game (I think it was Stafy 4) and I asked Mom to get it for my DS (Like the arcade, I have a DS card called "CycloDS Evolution" that lets me store many ROMs of games in one card) and I couldn't play it because it was in Japanese and I had no idea how to read the instructions. We had to take it off.
  • I tend to say random things, like the thing you see above this random fact.
  • I cannot, and I mean CANNOT eat Mexican food. My body HATES it.
  • I got a Rainbow Loom for Christmas in 2013 and I've been using it since.
  • My most prized Rainbow Loom creation is a big basket with a rainbow pattern on it..
  • I write fanfictions.
  • My dad's a computer fixer, so he can do awesome stuff.
  • I don't listen to actual music, ONLY vocaloids and FNAF songs. If you looked on my tablet, you'll only find vocaloid and FNAF songs.

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