it's a remake guys

-i don't have a particular favorite rapper but my favorites would definetely have to be Nas, Jay, DMX, Inspectah Deck of the Wu Tang Clan. alot more that i like. only reason that i dont really have a favorite is cause i cant decide who i like bettter, Nas or Jay

-i self-deprecate alot. i've never been a very confident person and i don't think of myself as being intelligent.

-i hate the type of people who pretend to like you and be your friend but talk shit about you when you're not around. either say it to my face or don't say shit at all.

-i am shy and socially awkward

-i'm an indoors person and almost never go outside. i pretty much spend most of my day inside on the internet listening to music which is kinda the only thing i do besides go to school and play some video games on occasion. 

well damn that was short lol ill probably edit this soon and add more later

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