• I live in In my house duh
  • My occupation is Why do you care
  • I am An attack helicopter
  • Glem3

    Stuff about me.

    March 22, 2015 by Glem3

    In a boring way:

    • I never was shy, i got 5 friends the first day of class.
    • "I fail at games while talking to myself. Pretty much anywhere other than youtube, it would be classified as a mental illness." I took that quote from a very old book a read.
    • My life long dream is to have a TV tropes page.
    • I have 39.917.000 views in total, NOT A LIE.
    • I'm shy in Youtube, and that's weird, i've never talked about the wikia in my channel.
    • I played with Lucahjin SSBB like 6 years ago, but i never knew of Attacking Tucans existence until 1/2/15.
    • Phoenix Wrigh: Ace Attorney was the game that made my channel grow up so much.
    • The first game i ever played was Super Mario Galaxy, and i played it again in my channel 6 years ago.
    • Fun Fact: 6 Years ago i beated Finalsora9…
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  • Glem3


    March 16, 2015 by Glem3

    I might return someday, only someday.

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