So I've seen a few people doing this, so I decided to do my own :3

  • My real name is ???
  • I am male
  • I'm Irish
  • I have a few mental disorders but by far the worst is my Schizophrenia
  • My favorite Animes are Durarara!!!, Deathnote and Sword art online
  • My favorite shows are Adventure Time and The walking dead
  • I'm bisexual
  • My favorite food is Sushi and Pot Noodles
  • The two place I want to go most in my life is Japan and America (specifically New York)
  • My favorite games are pokemon, CoD series, Mario kart, most other Mario games and attack on Titan tribute game
  • My favorite animal's are Red Pandas and Cats
  • My favorite YouTubeers are TribeTwelve, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
  • My first game was spyro on the ps1, can't remember the name of it though XD
  • My worst fear is being murdered by a psycho killer (Don't ask)


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