As you all should know by now, Thomas has variants. This list will assist me in keeping track of them. The list will be updated with time.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Original)
  • Thomas the Yank Engine ('Murican)
  • Multinational Thomases (One representin' each country)
  • Mini-Thomas (Self-explanatory)
  • Old-Tyme Thomas (Black-and-white, Splices and Cigarette Burns going across him infinitely, when mouth his opened, ragtime music plays)
  • Biofused Thomas (Similar in appearance to Original TTTE, but has actual organs inside him. If he moves, he is ripped apart from the inside. Mainly used as a test experiment as a clone of the original Thomas by The Academia)
  • Paxadoran Thomas (Like Original Thomas, but with Krazy-like color scheme. Approved by Krazy.)
  • Ghetto Thomas (Like original Thomas, but lined with gold chains, peppered with graffiti, and has an African-American complexion. Has a boombox strapped to his bufferbeam, which perpetually plays rap music. Suggested by ChickenandBeer.)
  • ?????? - HE COMES

                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

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