What is a Creator?

A Creator is a character who is seemingly a "God" in this universe, one who creates the characters we all know and love. But what things about Creators aren't known?

- Creators have the ability to merge with other Creators into one being. This being is a mix of the two Creators, and shares each Creator's special abilities as well as have new abilities. They can merge with a limit of ten Creators, and if that limit is breached, death is likely for three or four in the merge. 

- Though it's rare, corrupt Creators do exist. They set their eyes on creating evil characters only and try to murder other Creators. These Creators are likely to have purely white hair, or white pupils with a crimson surrounding, but rarely both.

- High ranked Creators are able to have multiple forms, or appearances. For example, Nyx was seen one episode with casual attire and a completely different hairstyle and facial features, when now they're seen entirely different, even with a different gender. (agender)

- Can Creators die? Yes. They feel pain MUCH worse then regular humans, but can regenerate.

[more to be added]


"It is a common misconception that people believe that I am a Creator. That is not necessarily true. Since Paxadoran variants are pretty much spiritually connected to their "main" organism, I've technically been RPing as myself the whole time.

[DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN]" from TheKrazyStew.

Reply: Meh, I'd still consider that that logic would still make you a Creator. 

"Mark Twain and his creator are one and the same." from Mr. Mark Twain.

Reply: Gneh. Intwesting.


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