Settle down kiddies, I'm about to tell you the story of how I became a roleplayer.

It all started years ago in the mystical land of Roblox, an online game. That is where I started. Firstly, I was just playing around in the Warrior Cats and Fantasy roleplays on it. And then Darkened Dawn and After the Flash entered the mix, both being very professional. It was then that I realized 'hey, I'm not too shabby'. But trust me, I WAS. My OCs were terrible! What was I supposed to do!? Well, one day, I started roleplaying on (hate me if you want) Instagram. My friend told me all about it, and so, I dove into it. I only posted ONE time in an Instagram Warrior Cats roleplay, only to forget to tag someone. And then, I never ventured to Instagram ever again. Then, I found the wiki. Basically, my first thought was, "Uh..." I had no idea how I did this sorcery. And so, I basically spent weeks trying to understand the forums. Finally, it worked. I made a roleplay based on FNAF 2, it was TERRIBLE. I lost hope and quitted for a month. Then I returned with an idea. FNAF Friends. I made it and didn't like it at first, so I mad Animatronic Factory. THAT made me prideful. However, seeing the others being so good, I left in sadness, knowing I would never be as good as them. And then, I got into FNAF Friends more and started perfecting my spelling and vocabulary. And soon I became the roleplayer I am today, a good one. BUT, there is one thing. Soon, I will begin to do the fabled tool that none have seen so far, the one, the only,

My best roleplaying style.

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