• Prixyfox the Best

    1. Drastic:

    • Dinosaurs!
    • You are one of the funniest people I have ever seen!
    • Pineapple lord.

    2. Animatrex:

    • Huggles!!
    • Senpai!!!
    • Just amazing!
    • Funny!
    • Huggable.

    3. Twain:

    • quite a serious, but laid-back person.
    • Thomas the Tank Engine.
    • Rps as famous people!

    4. Krazy:

    • Created Krazy, who is one of Fluffy's best friends!
    • Love Minecraft!
    • FUNNY!!

    5. ChickenandBeer:

    • fond of gifs and memes!
    • Makes great jokes.
    • (how many time have I said this?) Funny!

    Ok, there we go. If I missed you, just send me a message.

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