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    Zack laid on Gigalith's hand. He looks up at the starry night sky, simply staring at a single, shining star. He extended his arm out, almost as if he was trying to touch it. A single tear of oil ran down his animatronic face, as he saw the star resemble someone he knew. Someone he had sworn to protect with his life. Someone he had been with back when the city was still around, along with him, Felix, Luka, and Jeremy. Someone he had loved...someone he had lost...someone he had failed to save. Her death was out of his control, unable to prevent the outcome of her demise. Her death which had almost drove him to commit suicide, her…

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  • Raptordude115
    • My real name is Tristan, but when I was still in my mom's belly, she and my dad were originally thinking of naming me Lancelot, after the famous knight.
    • Another thing relating to my name is that my parents actually chose my current name after an actor in a movie they watched. Neither of them really remember what the movie was called.
    • Personality wise, I'm really shy, usually never talking to people and being the mute in a group of friends.
    • I got into video games at the age of 2, when my dad bought an N64. Since then, I've been a lover for video games on all platforms (not exactly picky when it comes to what console or PC I like to play on).
    • Despite being a prominent RPer on the FNAF Wiki, I've never actually played the games in their entirety.…
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