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  • I live in hell
  • My occupation is being vague and pessimistic
  • I am dying
  • Showtime von Party

    These are the inhabitants of Prixy's Planet, but first...

    Prixy's Planet is an egg-shaped planet with one patch of rough, rocky terrain that is visible from space (identifiable by brown-orange-red colours). It is the home to a guardian (a lawful being who enforces laws and basically ruler of the area), named Tarak, who named the area "The Mountain Rough".

    More coming soon (probably)!

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  • Showtime von Party


    June 26, 2016 by Showtime von Party


    Are you there?


    I'm lonely....

    Please.....stay here......

    Don't go, friends....

    You're precious.....too precious....

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    ho yo go bro

    copy-paste or whatevs into reach barrrrrrrr

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    Skeletal Fun

    January 15, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    It was a dark night, and an abandoned bonfire was placed in an absolutely empty forest. Prixy, being curious, and planning to camp in the forest, had Motion beside her, carrying a lantern. "Are you sure it's safe, Prixy? I mean, I can barely see..." "Oh, shush, you! It'll be so cool! When we find it, I'll go back and get the others. I can follow our footsteps."

    Prixy and Motion had found the camp, with the fire still roaring. "Okay, I'll put my stuff down, and get the other people. You set up the tents, okay?" She says, waving goodbye to Motion.

    After a while, she returns, with Kreta, Chicken, Kurraka, KrazyStew, Twain and Mephi. "There better be a good reason why you interrupted my book..." Says Twain, tapping his foot.


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    The Failures 2

    January 4, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    Unknown date

    The man(?) had left the laboratory.

    The small creatures tried to use their legs to stumble around in the darkness. The red creature, who had large legs, was able to keep himself up at all times. The others, however, were struggling to move.

    The smell of blood lurked around the corner.

    The red creature had mistaken this smell for food. He followed the aroma until he came to another creature, who was stitched together with 20 others.

    "I'm... Happy...."

    "Please... Let me... Through....."

    The red creature felt sorry for the large being and moved out of the way. Other patched up, dripping with blood creatures came slowly sliding or walking out of the doors. A large puppy with no ears and crab's claws. A dinosaur that had no head, but was …

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