It was a dark night, and an abandoned bonfire was placed in an absolutely empty forest. Prixy, being curious, and planning to camp in the forest, had Motion beside her, carrying a lantern. "Are you sure it's safe, Prixy? I mean, I can barely see..." "Oh, shush, you! It'll be so cool! When we find it, I'll go back and get the others. I can follow our footsteps."

Prixy and Motion had found the camp, with the fire still roaring. "Okay, I'll put my stuff down, and get the other people. You set up the tents, okay?" She says, waving goodbye to Motion.

After a while, she returns, with Kreta, Chicken, Kurraka, KrazyStew, Twain and Mephi. "There better be a good reason why you interrupted my book..." Says Twain, tapping his foot.