January 12th, 1953

A man in a white suit walks up to three large tanks, each filled with a strange liquid. A small, white, puppy-like creature floats in one, another similar but purple, green and yellow creature floats in another, and a red, lizard creature floats in the last.

"I can't seem to bring them back..."

The white creature moves a leg slightly, in a hugging motion.

"It's not working..."

The red creature growls softly, then snaps its jaws slowly.

"I... Feel them fading..."

The purple creature opens one eye and closes it again.

"I can't..."

The white one opens both eyes and makes a small noise. The man(?) spins around and watches on, surprised.

As the white one makes noise, the other creatures awaken and start doing the same.

They look at each other, confused.

The man(?), now overcome with joy, walks up to the tanks again.

The creatures turn to him. They do not realise his feelings, but they feel some kind of connection to him, therefore making them happy too.

The man walks over to a machine and presses some buttons. The tanks drain of liquid, and open up. The man scoops the three creatures up and takes them away from the lab.

"You're alive..."