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  • My occupation is being vague and pessimistic
  • I am dying
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    The Failures

    January 3, 2016 by Showtime von Party

    January 12th, 1953

    A man in a white suit walks up to three large tanks, each filled with a strange liquid. A small, white, puppy-like creature floats in one, another similar but purple, green and yellow creature floats in another, and a red, lizard creature floats in the last.

    "I can't seem to bring them back..."

    The white creature moves a leg slightly, in a hugging motion.

    "It's not working..."

    The red creature growls softly, then snaps its jaws slowly.

    "I... Feel them fading..."

    The purple creature opens one eye and closes it again.

    "I can't..."

    The white one opens both eyes and makes a small noise. The man(?) spins around and watches on, surprised.

    As the white one makes noise, the other creatures awaken and start doing the same.

    They look at each…

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  • Showtime von Party

    My strange tale

    November 15, 2015 by Showtime von Party

    Okay, so me and my mum and gran were going to a place called Sunshine Plaza, and no, not the Japanese one. It's in Australia. Look it up.

    Anyway, I know there was an arcade there so I went there. There was a new game called Hit the Beat. I played some other games and decided on playing hit the beat. I tried some easy parts of the game. But then I saw one of the songs you could play...


    Don't ask me why, but I knew that song so well, I played it and got four stars of rating at the end. AND it was one of the hardest songs in the game!

    There's my stupid story. Run along now...

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