Sophia Orr

aka Sophia

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  • I live in Somewhere clearly not of this world
  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is Goddess of Trying to be Cute
  • I am Female
  • Sophia Orr

    My Real name is infact Sophia Orr.

    I love Doctor who and many a games mainly Fallout and most RPGS.

    I'm a mute have been the day I was born therefor have not talked to a single person for 18 years unless if you count text.

    I like a large list of anime so large that it would most likely crash my computer if I was to type it!

    I try to be cute all dah time.

    I'm a very short person despite age around 4'6 maybe a bit taller now.

    I have never had a single job or part time job

    I'm no longer in school for many reasons.

    I can be on anything 24 hours if I so wished to.

    I'm a very easy to upset person at times.

    I'm Canadian. Eh Sorry! Eh what? Eh I said Sorry!

    I'm not a lumber jack! :P

    I plan to own my own compony called Void Inc that does nothing but make nothiā€¦

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