My Real name is infact Sophia Orr.

I love Doctor who and many a games mainly Fallout and most RPGS.

I'm a mute have been the day I was born therefor have not talked to a single person for 18 years unless if you count text.

I like a large list of anime so large that it would most likely crash my computer if I was to type it!

I try to be cute all dah time.

I'm a very short person despite age around 4'6 maybe a bit taller now.

I have never had a single job or part time job

I'm no longer in school for many reasons.

I can be on anything 24 hours if I so wished to.

I'm a very easy to upset person at times.

I'm Canadian. Eh Sorry! Eh what? Eh I said Sorry!

I'm not a lumber jack! :P

I plan to own my own compony called Void Inc that does nothing but make nothing as a Void would do.

I have too many aussie friends so I normaly am waking up rather late.

I once had over a thousends reasons to Punch a guy and toss stuff at him.

I'm not insane!...Maybe...No wait I may be wait am I? I dunno most likely not!

I love being friendly and helping people.

I didn't like FNAF at first until watching all the RPS of it and all the stuff made on Youtube

Any art seen custom that is used by me is most likely made by a very good friend of mine

Sophia likes to talk like this sometimes Sophia Enjoys talking like this though

I once closed my eyes and though I was blind...

I like to write out small stories about everything that happens to me.

I really enjoy talking to people.

I really dislike it when someone messages me when I seem to be away and they get upset at for not reasponding despite making it clear i'm away/asleep *pout*

I like to roleplay on almost anything.

I like pizza.

I know a guy named Guy.

I don't know why I made this called Minor Facts!

I have white hair and pale skin. And get a lot of people bugging me about it.

I will make more facts when I remember more.

I forget things easily

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