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  • I live in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Just performing and stuffing endosksletons into costumes
  • I am A phantom..
  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    ..There seems to be skeptics who are attempting to debunk FNAF, and as a result, me and my friends as well. Here is a takedown of the many claims skeptics have used. (I will edit this post as the claims go on.)

    Claim 1-The Toy animatronics couldn't have been built in 1987!

    This is the most common claim used to debunk FNAF. This claim basically claims that with 1987's technology, the Toy animatronics couldn't have been built.

    This goes off of two "impossible" technologies:AI free-roaming, and facial recognition. However, it is important to recognize that none of this is even technology, it's just Phone Guy misinterpreting the truth.

    Yes, the animatronics DO roam freely, and facial recognition DOES occur amongst the animatronics, however, this …

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  • TheFreddyFromThePizzaria

    Many of the RP's at the other wikia I'm active at (Wikia, why did you change the name of your wikis to wikia?)

    Have started to die out.. A new one shall be open here. I'll tell you this. It WILL be FNAF. As for when it takes place? Well, I have a poll for that.

    Yes, that is the timeline of events as well. I left out Fredbear's Family Diner and the Springlock location, because can you really have a roleplay with only TWO main characters? I don't think so.

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