Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

I am, in fact, developing the Paxadoran language in real life. As a little taste of what I have developed, here is a list of some of the name suffixes I have made so far.

If you don't know what they are, these are, in function, similar to the Japanese name suffixes such as -san and -chan.

But first, let's get some terms defined for clarification.

Organism - The original Paxadoran, from which all Variants originate.

Variant - What a Paxadoran splits into.

And now, the table itself with English translations of Paxadoran suffixes. More to be added.

Suffix Meaning
-Stew Leader, Ruler. Can also be used by Variants to describe their Paxadoran organism.
-Ko Variant. Usually used to describe one's own, but can be used for any.
-Say Friend. Commonly used by Paxadoran organisms for each other, but can be used for any species.
-Zo Honored one. Unlike most suffixes, -Zo replaces the last letter of one's name.
-Soop Lower status or Rank. Can also be used in some circumstances to replace -Ko.
Senpai  Identical to Japanese suffix, in definition and function.

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