Widy is a minor character in FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It is the pet cat of Krazy, given to him by Krazy-Stew.


Widy is a small animatronic cat, about the size of a plush. Its coat is completely white, with blue eyes. On its belly, engraved in the fur, is the words "STEWCRAFT INDUSTRIES".


Widy is usually a carefree animatronic, traveling with Krazy on his adventures. He does not fight, and would rather cheer on from the sidelines. He is loyal unless pitted against Krazy or one of his friends, in which case he will deactivate from confusion.

In the Saga

Widy made his Saga debut in FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S, being sent by The Krazy Stew to assist Krazy and friends. He has made lots of friends of his own here, but chose Kevin as his best friend.

Widy also appears in Painting the World Grey, although not doing much in this chapter of the saga.

Outside the Saga

Widy debuted in the Hollywood Arts Roleplay, and has since gone on a few adventures on his own. Mostly, however, he sticks with Krazy.



  • Widy is the first animatronic animal built by The Krazy Stew.
    • This makes him the first animatronic built by The Krazy Stew to not be based off Krazy in any way.

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