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Zack is a protagonist in FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S and in Remorse of the Factory

Appearance and Personality

Originally an animatronic wearing a dog suit, he is now a barren endoskeleton that comes from the FNaF2 era. Along with this normal form, he also has another form known as Berserker Mode, in which his eyes become pitch black with white pinpricks, and his body shape shifts into an endoskeleton dog, which bears jagged fangs and sharp claws.

Not much about Zack's personality is know, though he does have a knack of protecting his friends at all costs from threats and enemies. There are times where he is happy and tries to cheer his friends, but after seeing multiple friends he knew die, enduring hardships, and living in an all around gloomy world, he has become depressed overtime, at times stranding himself from others. It's also at times of extreme rage or sadness that he transforms into his Berserker Mode, though he now trains himself to learn to control his "inner monster".


In Season Two, Zack makes his first appearance, reactivating after several years. Throughout the season, he learns about how the world has turned against animatronics, and survives with the help of other animatronics such as Blake, Donatello, and many others. He also fought Shade and Y with the help of Blake and Donatello when Shade and Y attempted to destroy them. After the death of Blake, Zack became suicidal, wanting to escape what seemed like a nightmare. However, Blake, in her ghost form, manages to calm Zack down, teaching him that suicide would not solve anything. Zack manages to break free from his suicidal tendencies thanks to Blake. He eventually meets Tsuki, another animatronic, and both, along with Donatello, engage in one final battle with Shade and Y, taking place in one of Shade's dark realms. Although it seems as though Zack and Tsuki are about to meet their end, Blake's ghost fights off Shade, and with the sacrifice of Donatello, Zack and Tsuki are released from the dark realm. Zack, with Tsuki, enter deactivation inside a gas station...

In Season Three, approximately one year after Season Two, Zack reactivates, and he, along with Tsuki, learn that the world has fallen into complete anarchy since the Government collapsed. The season consists of Zack, along with Tsuki and Felix, surviving within the city from Psychos, gangsters, and Shade and Y, as well coming across characters such as Jeremy Fitzgerald, Golem, Songbird, Terra, Luka, Megalith, and many others. After Tsuki's death, along with the destruction of another pizzeria that served as their shelter, Zack, distraught by Tsuki's passing, tries committing suicide again, and succeeds, only for Golem to revive him. Later, Zack, with Luka and Felix, board Megalith in order to reach the location known as the Evac.